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Access resources created by global Enterprise Agility experts. They translate complex insights into simple strategies for change that won't wait. Check the Workbooks, Infographics, and videos. They will lead you step-by-step to apply EA models, sensing techniques and mobilization strategies.

Progress made simple and impactful through expertise and community. Advance your EA journey! 

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What is Enterprise Agility?

Enterprise Agility is a holistic organizational, social, and business model that enables your company to adapt to accelerated change and exponential market conditions while prioritizing workforce wellbeing, customer needs, and overall company value

A Balanced Path Through Uncertainty


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The world is changing fast. Tech, disruption, and new needs mean business won't be the same and need to recreate their products, services, and business models frequently.

Agile and Business agility is a good start for product disruption but more are needed to deal with accelerated change and exponential markets. It is time for an approach that serves all groups well for shared wins in an unknown future.

Enterprise Agility provides support for your existing and future needs, no matter which frameworks or approaches you use in your organization. It offers a balanced way forward. It offers balanced ways forward and an ecosystem to thrive amid change. 

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The Agile Journey to Enterprise Agility

Enterprise Agility provides a new way of thinking that transcends frameworks focused on products and the client alone. It incorporates insights from behavioral science, mobility, and neuroscience to strengthen organizations and people. It introduces robust structures and revolutionary concepts of the science of accelerated change that carefully consider how people, complexity, and business interact when building a sustainable organization.

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The EA World Community brings together leaders, change-makers, and visionaries exploring new horizons. This global platform enables connection and discovery beyond borders.


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For your next event, bring knowledge and insight from leaders in the field. The Enterprise Agility World Community connects you with global experts and thought leaders ready to share their experience and strategies for navigating accelerated change. Choose from our diverse group of accredited Enterprise Agility speakers


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Enterprise Agility trainings provide proven methods for continuity through disruption that transforms careers and businesses.
Our courses, designed by experts, translate insights from behavioral science, mobility, and neuroscience into simple ideas you can apply.


Enterprise Agility Dynamics in Less Than 2 minutes

A Comprehensive Perspective for Your Company

Companies exposed to accelerated change face disruption without warning. To determine opportunity, you need abilities for continuity through what comes next, not practices for stable times alone. Enterprise Agility provides a comprehensive approach for readiness, innovation, and shared progress together, no matter the challenge.
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Know Our AI Change Consultant Assistants

The Power of AI for Applied to Organizational Change

Our AI Change Consultant Assistants provide Change professionals with actionable advice based on advanced Enterprise Agility frameworks and models. 

Our AI applies 20+ years of work with clients, innovative tools, theories, and approaches for accelerated change and exponential markets. Our powerful AI—not based on CHAT GPT—provides techniques that translate insights from neuroscience, the science of accelerated change, and new theories into simple and actionable ideas to empower your clients and your business.
It provides recommendations to identify hidden risks and opportunities years in advance based on technology trends, new our 120 models, and other areas that impact your success.    

Try our free bot (Hanna) based on a small data set and limited capabilities, and contact us for more information to access our exclusive UX with Laura AI, the most advanced AI for change consultants.
Discover how AI and Enterprise Agility can expand your capabilities during complex situations.

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(*) AI is sold to Change Professionals only

Compare all plans HANNA AI Laura AI Enterprise
Knowledge depth 6 out of 10 10 10
Answer extension medium Large Large
Solve complex situations 5.5 out of 10
10 10
Number of users - Same price per user +10 users discount
User Inteface Bot Powerful UX Powerful UX
Privacy -   
Limit Usage 5 enquires every 10 minutes 200.000 characters
(approx. 1000 enquires a month)
AI Model Commercially available AI models   Private AI model   Private AI model 
Price FREE $ 45 /month Ask us!

1. Disrupt

Help teams improve sensing capabilities to spot disruption coming. Improve tools to address challenges before crises, transforming disruption into advantage.

2. Empower

Bring strategies that uplift and support the workforce by investing in initiatives that promote wellbeing, learning, and work-life balance, even during accelerated change.

3. Align

Understand how to align teams with new strategies by facilitating communication and transparency with new approaches to navigate complexity together.

4. Mobilize

Unleash potential, enabling collaboration and empowering teams to drive sustainable change and shared progress.

5. Succeed

Balance customer, company and workforce interests to anticipate change and increase shared progress.

Where Should I Start?

I'm Greg Pitcher, Agile and EA Consultant. I wanted to invite you to join the Enterprise Agility Community, a global network for forward-thinking leaders and change professionals navigating accelerated change and exponential markets. 
Our aim is to transform organizational thinking and create a collaborative space to share insights and innovative ideas for company evolution. 

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Stuck with an Enterprise Agility Model? Let Hanna AI help! Our AI assistant is trained with over 25 years of experience in Enterprise Agility and organizational change, and our 130+ models and frameworks. Powered by the latest research, the science of accelerated change, and frameworks, Hanna can provide customized guidance for applying advanced principles in your unique industry and situation. Chat with her 24-7. 

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