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BOIS Model

Navigating constant change? The BOIS model offers a compass. By aligning behaviors with objectives, it guides organizations through disruption's winding roads. This framework not only measures impact for continuous improvement but also cultivates agility and resilience so you can readily adapt to whatever lies ahead. Drawing on behavioral science and change management insights, BOIS helps you meet immediate needs while advancing long-term goals. Let BOIS lead the way through disruption's twists and turns towards enduring success.​ Infographic by ​ Greg Pitcher & Gábor Vargyai.

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BOIS Model Visual

Crucial behaviors should be aligned with specific objectives, and deliver measurable results in a
sustainable way over the long term.
Use the BOIS visual guide during times of disruption to help align objectives with behaviors, even during high uncertainty and accelerated change. Infographic by ​ Greg Pitcher & Gábor Vargyai.


BOIS Model Ext.

Change can leave you feeling lost. Let the BOIS model be your guide. This extended visual guide additional information. By aligning behaviors with objectives, BOIS provides direction through disruption's winding roads. More than just measuring impact for continuous improvement, this framework cultivates agility and resilience so you're ready to adapt. Infographic by ​ Greg Pitcher & Gábor Vargyai.


BOIS & Retros

Struggling to improve teamwork amidst disruption? Let the BOIS model guide your path. This infographic maps out how to consider behaviors and objectives during retrospectives. BOIS offers direction by leveraging behavioral science to identify and sustain effective actions. With this model, retrospectives become focused opportunities to cultivate flexibility, resilience, and strategic adaptation. Don't just survive change—let BOIS lead your team to thrive! Infographic by Greg Pitcher & Gábor Vargyai.


CIRCLE & Scrum

In today's ever-changing business environment, the ability to unlearn outdated practices is key for organizations looking to stay agile and competitive. That's why the Circle Framework for Unlearning is so valuable. It provides a cyclical 6-step process to help individuals and teams intentionally shed old habits and mindsets that hold them back. Aligning seamlessly with Scrum pillars and values, it complements core agile principles. Infographic by Bobbie Ferrari and Dhanesh Kumar.

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12 Principles of EA

Change is inevitable, but transforming your organization to keep pace with today's exponential rate of change is a challenge. Introducing the 12 Principles for Accelerated Change—a lighthouse that blends neuroscience, behavioral psychology and strategic mobility to drive rapid and sustainable adaptation. This comprehensive infographic maps a clear path to becoming an adaptive enterprise. By visualizing how these principles work together, you'll see concrete steps to drive change on multiple fronts. Infographic by Manthan Gogari & Simon Ho.


The Power or Unlearning

This workbook introduces the Enterprise Agility Circle Framework (CIRCLE) for Scrum Practitioners, a practical approach to facilitating unlearning at the enterprise level. The CIRCLE framework provides a structured process for individuals and teams to shed limiting beliefs and habits so they can acquire new knowledge and skills aligned with their company's evolving needs. 
Unlearning takes time and effort, but adaptation is essential. The CIRCLE framework creates an environment where individuals feel empowered to challenge the status quo, adopt a growth mindset, and thrive during constant change. Using the CIRCLE framework, Scrum teams can model an environment where unlearning is embraced, empowering people to challenge the status quo. Workbook by Bobbie Ferrari & Dhanesh Kumar.


Collective Strategic Sensing and EA

Navigating today's complex and rapidly changing business landscape requires a new approach to strategic planning. Collective Strategic Sensing (CSS) provides business leaders with a powerful framework to continuously scan the environment and respond with flexibility and resilience. CSS goes beyond traditional strategy to create an adaptive ecosystem attuned to evolving market forces, customer needs, and workforce capabilities. Download this great infographic explaining the different types of sensing in Enterprise Agility. Infographic ​by Greg Pitcher & Gábor Vargyai.


Memorable Meeting Experience

Many meetings are mind-numbing slogs that feel like a waste of time and drain energy, especially when things are changing quickly. But it doesn't have to be this way! A Memorable Meeting Experience (MME) utilizes insights from behavioral science, neurocience of change, and strategic mobility to engage participants and drive real impact even during periods of accelerated change. Whether virtual or in-person, MME meetings get people collaborating, innovating and owning outcomes. Infographic ​by Manthan Gogari & Tania ​Serfontein.


EA Universal Agreements

The Enterprise Agility Universal Agreements are the foundation for building an adaptive culture thriving amid change. These agreements empower people through inclusion, belonging, and partnership. Imagine gathering around a table where all voices are welcomed and heard. A table where fresh thinking and new ideas are encouraged. A table where everyone leans in to creatively solve situations together even during accelerated change. This is a great workbook with dynamics you can use in your company! Workbook by Bobbie Ferrari & Michelle Wilder.


Memorable Meeting Experience

Make your next meeting memorable! This visual guide makes it easy to understand key concepts from behavioral science, neuroscience of change, and strategic mobility. Use it to help people collaborate, innovate, and own outcomes whether meeting virtually or in-person. The science-backed tips will ensure your meetings get results. Infographic created by Manthan Gogari and Tania Serfontein.


Memorable Meeting Experience

Tired of pointless meetings that feel like something is misisng? Ready to transform your team's collaboration into productive, engaging experiences that drive progress? Then the Memorable Meeting Experience (MME) workbook is for you! In today's fast-paced business environment, meetings have become an essential part of work life. But too often, they end up being exercises in frustration that sap productivity and energy. The MME workbook provides a practical, step-by-step guide to designing meetings that are productive, inclusive, and actually enjoyable. Workbook ​by Manthan Gogari & Tania Serfontein.


EA Universal Agreements Visual

Bring inclusive, empowering values to your organization with this visual guide to Enterprise Agility's Universal Agreements. The infographic lays out agreements that foster belonging, partnership, and thriving amid change. It envisions gatherings where all voices are welcomed, ideas flow freely, and people lean in to creatively solve challenges together. Infographic by Bobbie Ferrari and Michelle Wilder.


Psychological Safety

Foster collaboration, innovation, and high performance with this essential Workbook on Psychological Safety. The visually engaging guide equips leaders to build trust, openness and risk-taking even amid rapid change. With practical dynamics, it shows how psychological safety powers growth, creativity, and thriving teams. Workbook by Niroshi Nissanka and Avva Thach.


Psychological Safety Visual

In an age of rapid change, agility, creativity, and collaboration are essential for organizations to thrive. Savvy leaders enable this by fostering psychological safety on their teams. This visual workbook explains how it powers team and company potential. Infographic by Niroshi Nissanka and Avva Thach.


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